How long does it take?

We will work with you to meet your deadlines; Radspec offers a priority service that can turn around a frequency assignment in 24-72 hrs if time is tight.

What forms do I need to fill out an Assignment?

For a new assignment, we will need some details filled out on the RF57 and RF77 forms available on the forms page. Please contact us for assistance in filling out the forms

For a change of an existing licence (e.g. relocation), all we need is an email requesting the change from the licensee.

Will frequency X fit in location Y?

Without doing the assignment, we cannot ascertain accurately whether any frequency can be licensed in any particular location, but our assigners have extensive experience and Radspec can often provide advice one way or the other.

Can you tell me what frequencies I already have?

The ACMA Register of Radiocommunication Licences web page can be used to find your:

See our useful links page for the link.

How are the licence fees calculated?

There are two components:

What information do I need for a new site?

Site name: Building name, site description e.g. MLC Building, St Andrews Hospital
Address: e.g. 200 Queen St,
Town/Suburb/Geographic location:
Co-ordinates: Zone, Eastern, Northing or lat/long

However, often a map with “x-marks the spot” is the best solution, let us work out the details. Please contact us for assistance.