About Us

Radspec is a privately owned company established in 1996.

Radspec was formed to provide spectrum users from across Australia with an opportunity to discuss their radio spectrum requirements and apply for the frequencies, through a single contact point. Our objectives are to reduce the complexity of the ACMA licensing procedures and policies, and keep clients up to date on ACMA frequency assignment parameters and licensing requirements.

Radspec is committed to providing a fast efficient frequency assignment and licensing co-ordination service to the industry at a reduced cost. We utilize the latest information available from the ACMA RADCOM database and electronically lodge frequency assignments directly into the database where possible.

As a result of customer demand, we have complemented this service with the ability to generate RF Coverage Predictions and Path Profiles. RF prediction engineering tools are combined with 3 second digital elevation data and the ACMA database, to provide a variety of predictions to assist clients during the site or network planning process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.