Our aim at Radspec is to provide spectrum users with the opportunity to apply for frequency assignments, and arrange for issue of the ACMA licence, through a single contact point. We provide ongoing information regarding the ACMA licensing requirements and feedback on the status of your licence application.

Our licensing process is designed to be simple and efficient. On receipt of the frequency assignment / licensing request, the frequency is assigned in accordance with ACMA requirements and the application form, complete with Frequency Assignment Certificate, is submitted to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for licence issue.

Radspec is fully equipped for the electronic lodgement of frequency assignments directly into the ACMA database. This process provides speedy frequency registration, minimizing delays and improving efficiency.

Radspec’s administration, technical and licensing staff are fully qualified with many years experience working within the ACMA and the radiocom industry.

The licensing process is easy. Simply complete the ACMA application form and additional information form below and fax to Radspec. If you require assistance with the ACMA application form, fill in the details on the Radspec Licence Application Request Form and fax to Radspec. We will assist with your requirements and completion of the formal ACMA application forms. They will be sent to you by email for your perusal and signature.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our licensing or technical staff at Radspec.