RF Path Predictions

The RF Path Profile provides a propagation analysis between two radio communication sites. It uses digital elevation data and link parameters to determine the impact of the intervening terrain on the line of site path. The first Fresnel zone clearance is also considered. Variables such as antenna height, antenna characteristics, transmitter power, system losses and receiver sensitivity are adjusted to suit client requirements.

Various internationally recognised propagation models (e.g. Longley-Rice, Okumura-Hata, CRC-Predict, Lee & Free Space) are available depending on the environment. The effect of clutter and rain attenuation is also considered where necessary.

The report is presented as a combination of a colour display demonstrating the impact of the intervening terrain on the RF signal, plus identifying the link parameters and theoretical fade margin.

Our technical staff are happy to provide recommendations regarding antenna height, antenna performance specification and transmitter power in order to achieve the required fade margin.

Below is a sample path prediction. Various Propagation methods are available.

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