RF Coverage Analysis

The RF Coverage Predictions generated by Radspec combine the complex RF propagation tools with spatial data. The analysis is available for a single radio communication site or total network coverage. The process creates a terrain grid based on digital elevation data and determines the path loss in all directions from the transmitter.

A range of input parameters is applied to the industry standard propagation algorithms to predict the field strength or propagation loss. Various propagation models are available and the output options include Field Strength Contour, Best Server Field Strength, Best Server Transmitter, and Number of Serving Transmitters. The format is optimised with the client to provide valuable network information.

The presentation is adjusted to suit client requirements. The full colour coverage prediction is normally overlayed onto a map and combined with the relevant geographic data. The field strength contours (e.g. 2uV & 10uV) are also adjustable to suit individual network requirements. The analysis is normally presented in A3 colour, or an electronic format suitable to email.

Below are sample coverage predictions. Remember, they are available in a variety of formats.

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